SU Committee Notes

We're going to start posting the notes from our SU committee meetings. Below are the notes from our March 6, 2019 meeting.

Substance Use Committee

March 6, 2019 | 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Welcome & Introductions


Amanda Saake

Teyana Reed

Laura DiPaola

Elizabeth Bishop

Kalisha Carrington

Bill Gonzalez

Aviva Grasso

Kelly Clarke

RARC Updates

· Upcoming Lunch & Learn, Breakfast Briefs

o Talks about marijuana legalization (3/27) & value-based payments (4/3) – invitation coming soon, please disseminate through your networks, including to consumers.

· Input on Community Presentation

o Call for committee member suggestions for community groups (PTA boards, faith groups, etc. that you may be affiliated with) at which the RARC can present OASAS Talk2Prevent materials.

o Any other suggestions for content of short presentations and places where we can present?

· Blog Posts for Website

o Showed blog tab on; call for committee member agencies to contribute blog posts about anything relating to substance use disorder/upcoming events/etc.

· Social Media

o Please email us (;; any flyer or promotional material you’d like for us to post under RARC Instagram account.

III. Expanding SU Committee

· How do we get more “community members” (that is, not providers) involved in our substance use committee?

IV. Using Committee to disseminate information

· Reminder that The Coalition has vast email list, membership base, and you can use this committee to expand reach of your agency.

V. Future Agenda Items

· Please send us topics you would like to discuss with the committee for next month’s meeting. This committee is a resource for all of us!

Action Items

· Bill will provide links to additional substance use resources for community presentations.

· Coalition will provide follow-up notes about the substance use committee meetings via email after the meeting and on the RARC website.

· The training department is working to hire a RARC Manager for the Regional Addiction Resource Center; please let us know of any qualified candidates.

· April’s meeting will be in-person at The Coalition, email invitation to come soon.

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